Neuhomes Unique Design Solutions


Custom Design Solutions

  1. Neuhomes specializes in bespoke and customized solution for private homes.

  2. Neuhomes understands that a beautiful home is more than one’s sanctuary; it is a testimony of one’s success and achievement.

  3. When such aspiration needs an outward expression and assurance, Neuhomes will be glad to assist you to turn that dream into reality.


Land + Design + Build Solutions

  1. See our land plots available online

  2. Choose our home designs

  3. Engage our panel of home builders

We undertake to deliver your home to you

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Pre-designed Solutions

Salient features, uniquely Neuhomes​

  • Neuhomes' pre-designed homes solutions

  • Choice of wide range of home designs

  • Large to compact home designs

  • Tropical or modern contemporary designs

  • Hassle-free solutions

  • Browse our website, choose your design, pay and download

  • Available in PDF and DWG files

  • Save lengthy design process

  • Designs available for any taste and budget

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Another hassle-free design solution by Neuhomes

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Neuhomes Design Features

Design in the Tropics

Home Designs in the Tropics

Neuhomes has always endeavored to merge the best of both traditional architectural ideals and modern technologies to better home designs.


The Salient Neuhomes Design Features

Neuhomes believes our homes should work well with and respect the environments.

  • Deep overhangs

  • Veranda

  • Cross ventilation

  • Day lighting

  • Water

  • Wind

  • Sun

  • Landscaping

  • Vista

  • Genius loci

  • Geography

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